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Neck, Shoulder, and Lower Back Massage$45.00
A massage to relax and loosen your tight muscles, reduce soreness, and increase blood circulation in the areas around the neck, shoulder, and lower back.
(Please allow 30 minutes.)
Full Body Massage$75.00
The therapist will put you at ease with therapeutic gliding and smoothing techniques that helps the body lower blood pressure, decrease anxiety, strengthen the immune system, increase oxygen flow, and blood circulation. A full body massage will rejuvenate and reconnect your entire body, mind, and spirit.
(Please allow 60 minutes.)
Full Body Swedish Massage$80.00
A treatment massage that energizes your body buy stimulating circulation. The soft tissue will be manipulated and friction on the skin will be reduced by using the techniques of kneading, rolling, and percussive with the application of oil. Benefited relaxation and dissolution of scar tissue adhesions, and improved circulation will speed healing and reduces swelling from injury.
(Please allow 60 minutes.)
Sport/Deep Tissue$80.00
Applied deep tissue techniques include vigorous sports and neuromuscular therapies that the massage therapist illperform according to your personal needs. Your discomfort and restrictions will melt away, leaving your body free of unwanted tension or pain.
(Please allow 60 minutes.)
Hot or cold stone may be added to massage service for additional charge. Please ask massage therapist for further information.
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